Monday, July 31, 2006

Computer geek chic.

Now your old pal Litelysalted here is a true blue Mac enthusiast. However I find these not-so-new apple commercials to be kind of trite and insulting. If you don't immediately recognize the above image, here is the premise: the "cool guy" represents sexy, hip Macintosh and the "stupid nerd" is supposed to be a stodgy old stick-in-the-mud PC. In essence, I agree with the sentiment. Macs rule and PCs drool. I have extensive experience with both platforms so this is an educated opinion. I once had a Dell laptop whose motherboard crashed 'n burned about a week after the warranty expired and I spent almost as much fixing it as I did on the stupid piece of crap in the first place.

I digress. The part that I find insulting is the choice of individuals used to represent the cool and the not-so-much. Justin Long, (cool guy) is a lame actor who has starred in a slew of embarrassingly gay movies such as Jeepers Creepers, Herbie Fully Loaded and Crossroads. (Yes, as in the Britney Spears movie.)

John Hodgman on the other hand, is a brilliant writer, Daily Show correspondent, as well as humor editor of the New York Times. Sorry apple. I know you're all about image and aesthetics and all, (which I do appreciate, really) but when it comes down to it I'd take the intellectual over the pretty boy every time. Okay, most of the time. (So sue me, Litelysalted loves herself some Supernatural.)


loveyouintheface said...

i clicked on the 'most' of the time linkage and found myself with a case of the vapors! Those boys are Dreamy with a capital 'D' (in case you didn't immediately think that after you read 'Dreamy':)

Damn, blast and confound Macintosh for making me have to agree with criticism about them when I've been such a staunch true-blue supporter for so long.

Anney Ryan said...

Sooo funny... Peter actually auditioned like fifty some guys for this commercial... of course I had to watch all the auditions and I can say with confidence that there were better alternates trying for the parts... but what's weird about it is that they auditioned tons of Boston local comedians for the commercial, and then went with two nationally famous actors. So a bunch of guys got their hopes up and wasted their time for nothing!

TrannyGranny said...

Hey, Litely, Whassup?

This is my first, last and only comment about clothing EVER.

I like hypercolor. Cope.

Oh, and Luv your comments on my and Z's site, so splendid to have a non-fish commentator. So, how the fuck did you find our site any way? curious. Keep up the fun, and STICK it to ol navy, I hate them as well. Mainly cause of that pointy nosed blonde ho they have doing ads. I think she was the original plastic skank, can't remember it's name. DIE.

Well, I have many, many rude and ridulous things to say, this is not the forum for it, so I am off to tell people to go fuck themselves in many ways they have not considered at this point. I like the blog, by the way, and DELL makes the best laptop known to man. Dumped an entire beer on mine, in Miami, in the Summer, and it still works.

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