Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I weep for America.

You know what just ruins my whole day? When all I want is a delicious hot dog, but then I actually have to take a hot dog out of the package, reseal the package, cook it in the microwave, and put it on a bun. ALL BY MYSELF! Who do I look like, Martha fucking Stewart?! Come on! I'm a busy lady here. I don't just have the time to spend my whole life in the kitchen.

Well, GOD BLESS the fine people at Oscar Meyer for making my life easier. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Now if they could only figure out a way to surgically implant these Fast Franks with mustard and ketchup instead of making me have to go putting it on myself. (I mean, what is THAT about?) Then and only then, will my life would be complete.

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Meechity said...

On the left is says "wieners with bun". Is that like "Dances with Wolves"?

And the way they have enlarged the text of SOFT WARM BUN makes me want to yell "SOFT WARM BUN!" That is so hilarious!!