Thursday, August 17, 2006

Supernaturally Delicious!

I saw this directory advertisement at the mall this past weekend, and was so thrilled I almost shat my pants. That's right. I have a completely unadulterated, total and unapologetic love for the television show Supernatural. Love!

The premise if you are unfamiliar, is that two beautiful boys (brothers Sam and Dean Winchester), drive around in a beautiful '67 Impala, fighting ghosts and monsters, all while maintaining stylish hairdo's and a fabulous wardrobe. There is a recurring plotline about their family that involves them searching for their father, who is searching for the demon that killed their mother (and Sam's girlfriend) and Sam also has some telekinetic powers which conveniently turn on and off at random. But most of the weekly plots are as self contained and formulaic as an episode of Full House:

The brothers show up in a random town where they read about a strange death or disappearance, bicker about whether or not the occurrence is in fact supernatural, do some meager investigating and discover that it is, fight the thing, save the girl, and move on to the next town accompanied by a bitchin classic rock soundtrack and the purr of the Impala.

Sometimes the boys fight with each other. Sometimes they exhibit tremendously schmoopy displays of brotherly love. Or patriarchal fighting/love, if Papa Winchester is around. (Who is not too shabby, himself.) It should come as no surprise that they always do their best acting through facial expressions.

It's true that Supernatural doesn't always have the best effects, continuity, or writing. (In one episode about killer insects, they actually tried to pass off plastic Halloween spiders as real spiders.) But when you have two leads who look like this, (three, including the car) who really needs those things, anyway?

If you're looking for that perfect gift to get your Litelysalted for her birthday, Supernatural Season 1 comes out on DVD September 5th! Special features include: A Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen. Wheeeeee!


spankcheeks said...

It's almost as painful as admitting to loving "Saved By the Bell." Which I don't -- I'm just sayin'. I swear.

litelysalted said...

Cut me a break, spanks! And don't knock it til you tried it. Jensen, he does this thing with his lips... You need to see it to believe it... Trust me, it's well worth the accompanying shame. Even that eventually fades away.