Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mmm.... Burger.....

I was just searching for a photo of that horrible looking Burger King Man as reference for an illustration I'm working on, and my yahoo image search turned up some unexpectedly delightful results:

Yep. This seems about right.

Ooooh. Take that, um, leading competitor of vile, loathsome cuisine.

Oh yeah, this pretty much sums up my last Burger King experience. Except for the part where I asked the attendant for extra ketchup and she spit in my face.

Well now this explains a lot.

Nice outfit, Hootie. "Uh, my name's not Hootie." Shut up, Hootie!*

*Okay I totally stole that joke from one of those VH1 nostalgia shows. But it was too funny not to steal, dammit!


Boogie On Reggae Woman said...

OMG... these are so fucking funny dude!!!

Anney said...

i HATE the burger king man. is he not the scariest thing you have ever seen? Peter has to tell me to close my eyes when the commercials come on, or I scream. I've actually had nightmares about him.

Chris said...

Would you believe I don't ever recall seeing this Burger King man in my life until a few months ago? Did they phase him out for a while in the 80's or something? Kinda looks like someone at Burger King had a dream that Richard Harris' face was melting so they decided to make this image the company mascot.

Chris said...
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