Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mouse Update!

Last night: two more traps.

I found one mouse that looked like this...

And another mousetrap that was empty of both mouse and tasty bait. I can only imagine something like this has taken place:

On the upside? No one else ventured onto the table or counter, which may be in part because I Clorox'ed every conceivable kitchen surface and also hid all the food away in locked cabinets or the refrigerator. But now I have to eat cold bread. Thanks, asshole meeces.

Here is an awesome Kids In The Hall sketch, which pretty much sums up how I feel this week. And yes I even got tanked and taunted the mouse in my underwear, too. Enjoy!


aejr said...

i love that sketch. also the one with him and the car. what's up with the guck on that mouse trap? it looks like the mouse's eye exploded.

Walrus Gumboot said...

When you were dancing around in your underwear, were you wearing high heels and lipstick?

couscouscaboose said...

That picture is terrible! I'm sad now.

bionic bunny! said...

dang you, litely!!!

i'm left all alone in the house until sometime christmas day (don't ask) and there's a freakin' mouse IN MY PANTRY!!!


large buttered bowl with tasty nuts in convient spot. maybe my pix will be cheerier than yours??
stupid mouse. i've got all my iraq-bound cookie supplies in the cupboards, and what does the idiot go for??
italian mouse.
anybody seen stallion lately?

gumbo, is THIS where you've been hiding???

happy holidays, folks!

litelysalted said...

Awww, I'm sorry bb!! But please, please take a photo of your caught-mouse for me!! :D

Ha, btw... I didn't really take that photo of my dead mouse though. That charming little snapshot is courteous of yahoo images. Which is getting a little old and gross, by the way, so let me see if I can't find something from youtube to post so we all don't have to keep looking at that again and again until I decide to post next.