Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

Sorry kids it's been so long since I've posted. Litelysalted has been on quite the gluttony/sloth bender, but things seem to finally be getting back to normal. And if I so much as look at another Christmas cookie I'm going to fugging puke.

At any rate, I was going to post a "resolution" blog like so many bloggers have done before me, but to be honest I'm not big on resolutions. I mean seriously, I'm practically perfect, right? In fact, my only two resolutions this year were to start blogging more regularly again and to stop cutting my own hair. And since I'm just getting around to posting my "New Years" blog on January 4th and I arrived to work this morning looking like a Special Olympics participant, you can see how good my word is.

You know, when you think about it, what's so damn "happy" about 2007 anyway? We're probably on the brink of the next world war, our natural resources at rapidly becoming spent, and I turn thirty this year. Actually forget the Times Square nonsense, here is a more appropriate image to sum up my feelings on 2007:

Having expressed that, I hope you'll all stick around for it!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year LS!!!!
According to Cibo Matto it's only your Sirtiest Birtdae and that's kind of awesome.

Anyways, I miss you and we need to hang out NOW! (or sometime in the near future:)P

anney said...

if forty is the new thirty, then what's thirty? can thirty be the new five, so we can all quit our jobs and hang out on the playground like old times?

litelysalted said...

ILYITF: That song came on my ipod on my way home last night, and I totally thought of you. Then I thought, the first time I heard that song I was eighteen, and thirty seemed like an age that only existed in the land of old fart people who were nothing like me. Sigh.

And yes, let's hang out soon, too!

anney: I thoroughly agree! I'll be riding my pink bicycle.

Anonymous said...

Ok Litely, I give up. Just WHAT is it that your dog is doing in that photo? 'Cuz from way over here in Arizona it looks like he is trying to lick his own junk, while stepping on his head at the same time.

That may just be the heroin talking...

litelysalted said...

For one thing ferret, that's not my dog. I got this photo off of one of those stupid "Hey, look at these random funny photos" email fwds as I was in mid-completion of this blog.

For another thing, the dog is clearly about to chomp down on his own nards with his massive pit bull jaws!! That's funny, dammit!! Because when isn't ball-injury humor appropriate? If it's good enough to keep America's Funniest Home Videos on the air for 20-some years, it's good enough for me.

Walrus Gumboot said...

Ouch, to both the dog and the AFJ. : )

April said...

Hey, that looks like my roommie's dog, Max. But, he isn't as talented.