Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Been Caught Stealin'...

So here's a big steaming pile of horse puckey -- Yahoo has a new site geared towards gossip. Which would be great in theory, because I love gossip. Only problem? Their masthead logo looks pretty much exactly like the masthead logo of the gossip site of burgeoning popularity of which I regularly contribute to. Here, see for yourself:

Yeeeah!'s banner:

OMG's banner:

As a graphic arts professional, I can tell you that the occasional accidental design thievery is inevitable and unavoidable. As human beings in this modern society, our senses are constantly being assaulted with media and advertising. Things seep into our subconscious -- and for one in the role of designer, sometimes we appropriate ideas without even realizing it. I admit, I've even done it myself -- many times -- but always either caught it on my own or have had another trained eye pick up on the similarity.

But this? I can tell you, professional speaking, that without a shadow of a doubt: this is blatant, unadulterated larceny. It's bullshit, and furthermore I call shenanigans. Shenanigans, Yahoo! Boo!


I love you in the face said...

That blows. And after reading the last sentence of the blog, all I can think of is Matthew on NewsRadio going "Boo Bill. Boooooooooo."

Manny said...

The MotherFUCKERS! Yahoo will burn! Insane you say?...This isn't insane...this...is...Yeeeah!

Agent Bedhead said...

I actually have seen several sites that look like Yeeeah! does - of course, I can't remember wtf they were called, which probably means they ripped off their content via aggregator as well.

sme said...

like, omg!

Yahoo is my homepage and I've been directed to omg on a few different occasions. I actually noticed the similarity before, but never thought to fill you in.

P.S. Happy blog birthday! I'm super glad I found you through the weirdest of connections.