Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weeds Season 3 -- My Thoughts

Spoilers abound, so if you catch this on DVD -- you may want to opt out now.

Still with me? Okay, so "Weeds" is probably my biggest TV obsession du jour, even though I'm not totally in love with the third season. It started out good, riding on last season's cliffhanger, but let's face it -- it does have some issues. Maybe it's because I'm not a quote unquote drug lord, but I really didn't understand the whole thing with Nancy and Conrad owing U-Turn to begin with. I mean, sure maybe after he paid the Armenians off, but the bottom line is that U-Turn tried to jack them for pot that they didn't have. And then the pot got ruined, so if anything I'd chalk that up to more of a "failed robbery attempt" so much as "lost income." But I guess drug gangs don't abide by the same rules and logic that the rest of of adhere to, so whatever.

Regardless -- like most viewers, my tolerance for the whole U-Turn/Nancy/White Slave plotline had just about worn it's welcome when the unthinkable happened. U-Turn started to grow on me. First with the drive by scene in episode five, which was hilarious -- and then more so with the whole burgeoning mentor/student plot last night. And so naturally, with U-Turn becoming remotely likable, what happened was the only thing that could happen: U-Turn needed to die. But at least he died for a good reason -- laughing at Marvin for going to Dreamgirls.

If U-Turn's demise means more Marvin -- the most entertaining new character this season -- than I say bring it on, because the other prospects ain't lookin' so good. Last night we were introduced to Mary Kate Olsen's character, who I already hate with the firey passion of a thousand suns. My reasons being:

1. Mary Kate Olsen can't act. I know she did all those direct to video movies about solving mysteries in the playground or some shit, but "1/2 of a twin sleuthing team" did nothing to prepare her for "evangelical pothead."

2. Her stupid big flat vapid-eyed face looks like a stupid cat's face. It's just creepy, dammit.

3. Has Mary Kate Olsen like, ever really been intimate with someone before? The way she was grinding on Silas made her look like she was having a seizure. It had to be one the most unsexy teen sex scenes (OK I know they weren't actually doing it, but whatever) since the end of Kids. Grief.

Moving on, I've been suspiciously tolerating Matthew Modine's character. He's kind of funny, but kind of annoying -- and I've marginally enjoyed his sexist/sarcastic report with Nancy up until now. In fact, the only thing that could ruin that chemistry is if they actually put those two together, and oh shit. That's probably happening next week. Fucking Christ. Oh vengeful, merciless gods of TV -- why do you hate me so? I guess really when it comes down to it, the best I can hope for for the rest of the season is more Underpants Andy. Bring back Underpants Andy!


Beckylooo said...

I didn't consider the possibility that we might be getting more Marvin and I, like you, whole heartedly support that. He's the tits.

sme said...

I didn't read your review because someday I'm going to get around to watching this series.

Did you ever finish the first season of Dexter? I really liked the show up to the last episode - and then I was horrified with the way they ended it. Complete shite.

litelysalted said...

Yes! I just recently inhaled the series on DVD. Meant to post about it, but I never did. I feel the same way as you -- I was thrilled when the killer turned out to be creepy sex doctor (I so wanted it to be him!) and less so when it turned out to be his brother, and haaaated it when he killed him. But I still love Dexter, despite these misgivings.