Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When to Hold and When to Fold

First of all, I'd like to apologize for both my absence lately, as well as my neglect to answer the very questions I solicited last month. I promise to do better in the future, so please keep 'em coming!

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Dear Ms. Salty,

I was fired from my job this week without cause or warning, and by email. I work from home (in order to care for my baby), so no nasty scenes were necessary. I took it rather well since the company is really unpredictable and I'm not the first person to get canned without reason. Sure -- I am pissed, but my family is financially stable from my husband's income, so I wasn't in a panic. But apparently quite a few people at my job freaked out when they heard the news -- and all out arguments started with management in both of our regional offices with at least 5 people going to bat for me. Within a few hours, I got a call from an exec saying a mistake had been made and they would like me to consider rejoining the company.

I agreed on a provisional basis, mostly due to loyalty to my team which would have ended up pretty screwed without me. But I honestly am not pleased with how I was treated and I think I'm probably still on the chopping block. And since I don't need to worry about finding another job immediately, do you think I should quit this job? Wait until I find another?

– Conflicted and Pissed

Dear Conflicted,

Having dealt with management eh, "issues" in my past -- I can totally relate to (and applaud) your desire to screw over your employers. It has been my experience in office society, that there's no feeling we drones relish more than giving the big middle finger to ignorant and overzealous management. Having said that, it had also been my experience that in seeking out future employment, it's usually the friends and colleagues I've made that pull through and provide the best leads and references -- and likewise I am always keeping colleagues in mind for freelance or contract work in the position that I currently hold. So in that respect, you might want to stick around for the sake of your coworkers while you have the leisure of waiting for something better to come along. And when that time comes, not only will your coworkers understand your decision -- but the big "fuck you" bestowed upon your employer will feel all the more special and earned.

Dear Ms. Salty,

I believe in fighting for what I want in life. Is this also true in love?

– Swallow Life

Dear Swallow,

Of all the things that we silly humans fight for, love is of the most important and noble causes of them all -- whether it be love for a partner, friends or family. However, when it comes to fighting for true love -- one must keep in mind the feelings of exactly whom it is we're fighting for, and when to throw in the towel. There's a fine line between overcoming personal and physical obstacles, and when the restraining order tells you not to come within 500 feet of this person.


Ranylt said...

Hm...I hope that second question isn't code for, "I want some kind of sanction to interfere with two peoples' longterm relationship because I happen to be attracted to one of them."


Otherwise, fight on!

Alex the Odd said...

Exactly what I was feeling Ranylt. Also: fighting an entirely one sided battle for someone who'll never want you - most pointless soul crushingly painful thing ever.

I make kind of an unintentional habit of it, I should know.

I think I may have a question to submit to your next round of Ask Ms Salty... just need some time to formulate my thoughts.

litelysalted said...

Yay! Thanks Alex. Send 'em in!

And don't feel limited to love/work questions. If you want to ask me what I think of Ballet Flats (love them) or what a good hangover cure is (Tylenol, bagels, and about a gallon of iced green tea) -- then fire the hell away!

isabelle said...

Salty, NO! Tylenol is the worst thing you can take for a hangover! Acetomenophin combined with alcohol blocks your liver from being able to filter toxins, and can cause liver failure. There have even been several deaths linked to the combo. Google it. As New Orleans residents, we don't even have any tylenol in the house.
Ibuprofen is somewhat safer. And bagels, god yes. I need two right now.

TK said...

Dear Ms. Salty,


litelysalted said...

Note to self -- don't kill self with tylenol after drinking heavily. Thanks isabelle!

tk -- "Celebrity Day" is next Thursday!

Alex the Odd said...

Yeah, many people have suggested taking asprin before bed when out drinking as a foolproof hangover cure. To which Alex the Biochemist replies:

Liver Shutdown!

At least you can't have a hangover when you're dead...

BarbadoSlim said...

Once again, I must respectfully disagree with the esteemed Ms. Salty, or; can I call you Litely?

Anyway, in both instances, screwing over employer, and fighting for love, should have automatically called for TWO very important questions:

1. Does the person who wants to screw over his/her employer own any automatic weapons AND is he/she trained and willing to use them.

2. Is the person in love willing to commit kidnapping.

litelysalted said...

Barbado honey, you can call me whatever you want. And once again, you school me at advicing.

Actually though, this gives me a brilliant idea -- you should totally start your own advice site! You can call it "Dear Barbado" or "Ask a Maniac." It'll be awesome.