Friday, October 12, 2007

Sometimes I Even Surprise Myself

Just so you guys know -- today might be my last day contributing over at Yeeeah! I may be back for a day next week, but I'm uncertain yet. But just in case today was my last day, I just want everyone to know it's wasn't because I may or may not have made remarks to the extent that Heather Mills is a "legless piece of shit." Or that I allegedly called her names such as Stumpy McShitface and PegLeg the Gold Digging Skank.

No -- my leaving Yeeeah! is completely amicable, and also for super secret reasons I cannot divulge quite yet. (But trust me -- it's gonna be good!)


sme said...

Good lord, woman. You come up with the most excellent insults. Here's hoping I'm never on the receiving end of one of them.
Any hints on your future plans of greatness?

Beckylooo said...

MMMMMmmm secrets. Delish.

Vermillion said...

My theories on her departure:

1) Heather Mills bought out Yeeeah! and LS is jumping ship before the culling begins.

2) LS has signed on to become one of the women on Rock Of Love 2 so she can wallow in the trashiness in person.

3) She has become TK's sidekick, and with their matching cars and less-than-fashionable supersuits, fight crime and punish the wicked.

4) She now works at Gitmo, interrogating terrorist suspects with repeated viewings of her "Two and a Half Men" DVD.

Alex the Odd said...

Oooh I vote for door number 2. How amazing would that be?

I'm all about the secrets and lies. Are there lies?

And where is your most recent ask Ms Salty column, hmmmm? Some of us need our advice giving-fix.

litelysalted said...

Gah, I forgot to respond to this!

sme -- it takes a special kind of evil for me to unleash my Salt Assault™, and I think you are safely out of that range.

beckyloo -- Soon, my pretties!

vermillion -- Damn, that's uncanny. To answer your question: all of the above! On a related note, anyone know where I can get a 52oz can of Aquanet?

Alex -- No lies, just secrets. And I promise promise promise to get my next Ask Salty column up this week!

Okay, maybe some lies.

Dragulf said...

NOOOOO! Don't leave YEEEEAH!!! I like Abby but you add salt to the wound.


litelysalted said...

Fear not, dragulf! I'll be back on Friday to say my goodbyes, but after that you'll be able to get full doses of Abby and me on a daily basis -- and that's pretty rad, right?

Dragulf said...

Not too salty hun, I have hypokalemia. I hope ya get paid well!

Dianne said...

I must add you to my list of blogs to read purely for what you said about Heather Mills. I shall be giggling all day.

Stumpy McShitface. Snerk. :-)