Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Search Engine Fun!

Like Dan and John, I decided to give you guys a glimpse into what draws people to my little corner on the internets, despite that I barely have time to keep up with it anymore. I'm not making any of this up whatsoever:

cartoon mouse fucking cheese
audio of timothy treadwell and his girlfriend being eaten by bears
stinking happy time
power rangers incest
bret michaels going bald pictures
american gladiator theme song
i hate everything syndrome
ghostbusters molester scene
mother and i fucking in the swimming pool
Dustin Diamond dildo
skinniest feet
lickey boom boom down
fucking girls even though you have warts on your feet
pedigree dog food commercial: too sexy
johnny damon talks weird


girl with curious hair said...

Huh. I think people who end up here are a little stranger than the ones at Dan's site. Congratulations (I think).

JMW said...

"stinking happy time" would be a great name for a blog.

Thanks for sharing. I think. (I have to go scrub my brain with a Brillo pad now.)

BarbadoSlim said...

Funny, huh, "midget-fisting" is not on you list...

MEECH! said...

"fucking girls even though you have warts on your feet"

That was me!

Dan Carlson said...

I am now torn between Googling "Power Rangers incest" and knowing that to do so would be to look upon ultimate darkness.

Anonymous said...

i'm with dan.

you could probably string these together comically actually.

here, i'll start:

The Blog of a Mad Googler

... though i have to admit the ghostbusters molester scene was a stinking good time, especially set to the american gladiator theme song while simultaneously watching power rangers incest. in a related note, they really got the lickey boom boom down in that video of mother and i fucking in the swimming pool, she really has the skinniest feet i've ever seen. my favorite part, though, was the Dustin Diamond dildo... you know, the one with the cartoon mouse fucking cheese?

Anonymous said...

lickey boomboomdown

sounds like an asian baseball player to be named after spring training.

ya think he'll go to the Yanks, Seattle or Boston?


litelysalted said...

The Blog of a Mad Googler! That's brilliant!

I think a good idea would be to start a blog filled with nothing but filthy words and phrases, for the purpose of trolling in miscreants just to let them know: "Congratulations! You're a Pervert!"