Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fisher Price's My First Blog

For the past year and a half I've been maintaining and frequently updating a blog on the ubiquitous, however I have recently decided to follow the inspiration of others and get myself a real blog. Myspace is good for a lot of things. Like keeping in touch with friends, child predatoring, networking, stalking... you know.

But unfortunately the myspace blog is certainly not without limitations. Immediately I notice that this format comes with a spellcheck.* That's great. No more copying and pasting words like "diarrhea" that I can never remember into my dashboard dictionary. Plus this blog has a certain anonymity to it, and yet at the same time is more easily accessible by strangers and people who genuinely enjoy reading these things. I kinda like that.

And you know, one thing that always drove me crazy about the myspace blog format was the (lack of) archiving. You have a choice of how many blogs you want on a page; 10, 15, etc. And then the highly advanced myspace blog organization consists of "older" and newer" for any given page of blogs. I mean, what the crap? I have a year and a half worth of posting blogs several times a week. How the hell am I supposed to find anything THAT way? How am I supposed to go back and read a post I was exceptionally proud of, or delete an embarrassing one that I wrote when I was drunk?

Anyway, I'll probably update this blog just as, if not more frequently, often than the old one. So if you're an old reader or a new one, I hope you'll come back.

* I also immediately notice that the blog spellcheck doesn't recognize the words "blog" and "spellcheck." Heh.


April said...

Hey Stacey!
Glad to see you have decided to continue entertaining the world with your unique wit. I don't have much time to sit down and write now. I look forward to reading your future posts.

Ciao bella,

Rugbert Higgenbottom said...

Although I agree that MySpace's interface is lacking (though I don't need a spellcheck), one reason that I've stayed with MySpace is that some aspects of it are less separated than Blogspot or other blogs. For example, it's easier to search for people whom you know, and when your friends post a new blog entry, it is listed on your main page; you don't have to bookmark a separate webpage for every person's blog and check them individually.

Also, your "anonymity" goes slightly out the window when your first comment addresses you by name. :-P

Meechity said...

Where your wit goes, I follow!!

Anonymous said...

Word!!! how would i go about getting here if i don't go through your old blog??? do i have to get a user name and shit??? well, i'll still read

~Boogie On Reggae Woman~

loveyouintheface said...

Hi Stace Face!

Richard said...

I like your style, I was clicking on the next blog thing but I got into reading even though pink sites make me queze. Like