Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Longest three day week ever.

I'm completely exhausted after four blissful days of no-commitments relaxation and Twilight Zone marathon, and my first interaction of the day is with Jackassery Printing, whose rep has frantically left me messages and emails because the brochure file I sent over supposedly has no bleeds. As it turns out, "has no bleeds" is just Jackassery Printing's "technical" term for our "pre-press technicians" don't "understand" the complex interworkings of "preview" and "normal" modes in InDesign CS2.

Not a design person? Well basically it's like saying your DVD player is broken because you're trying to watch a Widescreen DVD on normal mode, when there is a clearly marked button on your DVD player remote control to toggle back and forth between normal and widescreen mode. Oh, except to better apply it to my situation the person trying to watch the DVD would also have to be like, a DVD player repairman. Idiots.

My boss is funny. He got a skull and crossbones pirate flag at the shore this weekend that says "The beatings will continue until morale improves" and just ran around proudly showing it to all of us while cracking up. He kinda reminds me of Jimmy James from Newsradio. Once during one of our staff meetings we discussed maybe translating his books to sell over in China (because supposedly the advertising business is booming over there) and I had to restrain myself from making a "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" joke.

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loveyouintheface said...

If he's the boss from Newsradio which character are you? I think a cross between Lisa (Maura Tierney) and Beth (Vicki Lewis). You've got the wisecracking thing down but you dress better than Beth.
My boss is kinda like Santa Claus..but with bad teeth and a comb-over. I imagine Santa treats his employees well and bitches with them about snot-nosed kids always needing more toys. That's how my boss is except substitute 'snot-nosed kids' with 'pathologically narcissistic sales reps' and 'needing more toys' with 'making impossible demands of already burdened artists'.

I knew that was Scojo in If Lucy Fell & I understand that the ginorma-breasts she has now have captured crotches worldwide and rocketed her to fame... but I'm wondering why she was even in ILF? She wasn't even hollywood "cute" back then.