Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Is why I love the internet. Paula Meronek, better known as "the psychotic anorexic chick from the Real World" was arrested and charged with assault sometime after midnight this past Saturday for "biting" her boyfriend. (Which you can read about here.) I mean come on! While it's true the girl obviously needs to eat something... Paula honey, your boyfriend is NOT food! She is clearly so deprived of nutrition that she cannot tell the difference.

SO... the awesome part? Here is Paula's mugshot:

And here, is a photo from earlier that night that one of Paula's friends (who I am assuming she did NOT bite) posted on her myspace page yesterday.

Notice, she is wearing the same outfit, hairstyle, necklace, etc. in both photos.


Anney Ryan said...

this girl is the posterchild for why anorexia is stupid. seriously have you ever seen a more unattractive human being?

loveyouintheface said...

At first i thought she was that chick who tried to decimate Nancy Kerrigan's knee so she couldn't skate in the Olympics or whatever? Tanya Harding, right?
They both have that same smeared mascara, just got back from the Trailer Park of Hell look.