Monday, August 28, 2006

Breaking weather news!

This just in! Hurricane Child Murderer has just been downgraded to Tropical Storm Pervert! In this meteorologist's opinion, it could possibly regain strength as a category 2 molester. This news may come as a shock to the public, but salt readers heard it here first. On the bright side, I was TOTALLY RIGHT! In your face mediawhores! (Fox News and CNN, I'm looking at you.) On the downside? Now we'll never know who did it! Boo!


spankcheeks said...

I hope they name a hurricane "Dorcas" this year. Just so I can say "Dorkus."

In other news, I believe firmly in euthanasia for kiddie-porn-mongers. Euthanasia, or nipple lacerations and castration.

Meechity said...

... or all 3.