Monday, November 13, 2006

Meta Fantastico!

After a series of carefully orchestrated Sunday afternoon plans fell through, I found myself tagging along with my mother and sister to see Stranger Than Fiction. I don't go to the movies often because I'm largely uninterested in modern mainstream film, and also because I don't care much for the movie-going experience. (Read: I'm cheap and I don't like people.) I didn't know much about this film going into it, and unenthusiastically assumed it was going to be Will Ferrell Comedy Project #73526. On the other hand, free tickets and a Tony Hale cameo won me over.

Lucky for me, because I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this mature, insightful yet humorous movie. The acting was great across the board. Will Ferrell was charming and entertaining to watch, sans the hamminess I've come to expect of him. And Dustin Hoffman? The guy is always great (although I say this without having seen Meet the Fockers) but even for him; an outstanding performance. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't harbor a bit of a Girl!Crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal after seeing this film.

Bonus #1.) Tony Hale has the same effect on me as dangling car keys to a baby. Every time he appeared on screen, I was powerless as my face broke out into an ear-to-ear smile. Who else could pump so much moxie into such a small throwaway role? He doesn't even need to say anything; I laughed out loud in scenes where he didn't even have any lines. If I hated the rest of this movie, I would still watch it again for the Tony Hale scenes.

Bonus #2.) The Jam's That's Entertainment played over a pivotal scene towards the end of the movie. I fucking love The Jam. And it's nice to hear music I appreciate being used for something more artistic than a Nissan commercial, for once. Rock!

Bonus #3.) My mom thinks Will Ferrell is cuuuuuuuute! Hee! If I told you on any other day that Will Ferrell and Clay Aiken had something in common, you'd never believe me...


Reel Fanatic said...

I too could watch Tony Hale do just about anything and find it to be entertaining ... On the other hand, unfortunately, fellow AD alum Will Arnett has an utterly excremental looking prison comedy flick coming out this week .. what a bummer

litelysalted said...

Ha!! I saw that trailer and I was like, "Ohhh... Gob!! But the movie looks so.... sucky.... But it's GOB!!!"

I have a feeling watching that movie would have the same end result as a viewing of Animal Cops: a leftover feeling of nausea and empathy.

spankcheeks said...

I read a really good review of the movie on Pajiba. With this Litely Salted rave, I can only assume it is worth the hype.

LitelySalted -- I loved seeing you on a couple of the Yeeeah! threads last week. I'm really sorry I haven't been around your blog in a long time. My husband left for the Persian Gulf at the beginning of October, and I've been playing single mom to a three year old. Plus Yeeeah! keeps me so fucking busy that all of my spare time is wasted on "hunting for celebrity shit on the internet" or on "being a mother." Single motherhood SUCKS. Your blog, on the other hand, fucking rocks. I still love you. xoxo cheeks