Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So long, K-Fed! Don't let the door slam in your stupid, untalented, vaginal-bearded face on the way out!

Last night I arrived home from work, jittering with glee over the just-heard news of the Mr. and Mrs. Spears divorce. Mr. Litelysalted, whose knowledge of Kevin Federline is encompassed by whatever he overhears while I'm watching The Soup, was understandably less enthused. He was also confused about why it was so funny, and asked, "Well isn't he famous now anyway? Doesn't he have his own music career?"

I considered this for a moment. Yes he does have his own "music career" depending how liberally you want to use the words "music" and "career." But he is basically just a joke, kind of like William Hung only unlikeable. Also, William Hung knows he's a joke, and I think he still sells more records than K-Fed.

As a tribute, I leave you with this Vag Beard performance. Enjoy it while you can, because I promise you appearances like this are about to become extinct!


couscouscaboose said...

Too funny ... I'm so glad she's finally dropping that loser. I heard something about it this morning and they said he'd only sold something like 5,000 albums altogether. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I miss you kiddo.

One of the sharpest wits I know and without your blog I would go completely bonkers.


aejr said...

i read in the metro today that they were giving away tix to his vegas concert for free.