Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So You Think You Can Backpedal

This just in! Michael Richards: Not A Racist! No, he was just pissed because those guys were being such jerks! If it was white people heckling him he probably would have called them stupid honkey cracker-ass motherfuckers! Jeeze... Some people take everything so seriously.


Chris said...

I watched his "apology" on Letterman and man oh man, he's a weird dude. Who knows what was going through his wacky head. He could maybe make some feeble excuse that the epithets were an attempt to be "edgy" but that lynching comment was pretty damning and sick.

But the disturbing part of this is reading the comments sections wherever that video is posted. How is that SO many people are so obviously clueless about race?

On another note, I'm trying to imagine the first thing I would've said if I were mc'ing at the comedy club that night. "Well, our NEXT act..."

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Kramer but it's hilarious and I want litelysalted to renew our blogcrush on Spanks/Yeeeah! with me.

I just read this and a. laugh/snorted, b. thought of your salted stylings and c. decided to share, though you've probably already read it.

On Petey Doherty, Spanks/Yeeeah! wrote:

"I’d rather the guy just overdose already. It’s hard to keep thinking up clever things to say about some loser who can’t even go two weeks without a drug arrest. It’s like Paris Hilton claiming celibacy for a year and then being photographed leaving Travis Barker’s hotel a week later. Or me swearing off alcohol and then getting so drunk at Thanskgiving dinner that I puked in the butter dish and punched Uncle Ned in the neck. No — wait a minute — you don’t know all the details yet. You weren’t even there. It’s just that Ned’s so uppity for a guy with no job. Okay, yeah, and he’s got multiple sclerosis. So what? And his wife left him last Christmas. Big fuckin’ deal. He’s not the only one with problems, you know. Pete Doherty got arrested this week. And Kate Moss might be pregnant. And Kelly Clarkson is fat. Suck on that, Uncle Ned, you big crybaby puss."