Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Screw you, Elijah Wood!

After five years, The Apples in Stereo finally have a new album out, New Magnetic Wonder. If the mind-numbingly slick tracks I stole off of the internet are any indication, it might just be their best effort yet. It's being officially released in February however I just got word that you can preorder it now. If you order the LP you'll even get it by Christmas.

So why am I pissed at Elijah Wood? Well it's the first release off his new record label, Simian Records (co-released with Yep Roc Records) and they want twenty dollars for it with shipping. As a matter of principal I refuse to pay that much for a CD. For an indie release I find $10-$15 (shipped) is a more comfortable number. Besides all that, it's coming up on Christmas, and I'm building a house. It's not like I have 20 bucks to piss around like some punk ass movie star does.

Hear that Frodo? You can take that price tag and shove it. I'll buy mine off ebay, half, or amazon as soon as I can get my hands on a discounted promo copy.

Litelysalted: Willing to buy new silver sparkly high heels regardless of having anyplace to wear them, but not willing to pay $5 more than she has to for a CD. Such is my doctrine. Life is about concessions, people.


Walrus Gumboot said...

You should just steal said CD and splurge on those sexy, silver, sparkly high heels! They are always a 'fan' favorite!

anney said...

i used to love elijah wood, simply for his ability to look like a child so late into his twenties... i can't wait to see how scary he becomes when he starts to age though!