Thursday, December 14, 2006

Headline: Three Killed When Circuit City Turns Local Woman Into Raving, Homicidal Maniac!

Okay, well nobody actually died. Mostly in due to the fact that said "local woman" (cough) was unarmed during the incident.

I hate Circuit City. I hate shopping at any kind of chain stores where employees wear matching polo shirts but I have a special place in my blackened little heart for Circuit City. For a year now I've had a CC giftcard totaling to the amount of eighty-five dollars from a past Christmas gift return, which should speak in volumes how much I abhor going in there... That I can't even bring myself to go browse for an unnecessary purchase with 85 smackaroos burning a hole in my pocket.

My last Circuit City shopping experience, previous to today was not a pleasant one, either. I believe it was September of last year and I was shopping for some fancy computer mouse for my father's birthday. All that was required of the fine employees was to ring up my purchase. But instead of having conveniently located checkout stations at the front of the store, Circuit City likes to hide their checkout stations at strategic locations throughout the store. So that way, the employees can arbitrarily decide if they want to man the registers, or if they want to fart around playing minesweeper on the computer display models.

That shopping experience concluded with me walking around the store waving the mouse defiantly above my head, making an assy scene of myself while yelling, "HEY EMPLOYEEEEES! If someone doesn't ring me up RIGHT NOW I'm fucking taking this WITHOUT PAYING!"

Which brings us to December 2006. Armed with my eighty-five dollar amounted card, (but again, sadly, no weapons) I headed to Circuit City to purchase an ipod speaker/docking system for my new office. Given that I don't even like shopping for Christmas Gifts around Christmas Time, you might wonder why I didn't make my purchase online like I do with everything else. Well, it's because I'm not well enough versed with ipod accessories to confidently know that I wouldn't be receiving a chintzy piece of crap in the mail.

In the ipod accessory aisle, there were four speaker systems on display. One had a pricetag and the other three had placards that read, "Service Associate: Place Pricetag Here." In the shelves underneath there were a few other boxed systems that were completely different from the ones on display, and none of them were marked. Who runs this place?

After attempting twice to lasso a customer service lackey, I finally flagged down someone who actually sent someone to assist me. I pulled my ipod from my purse and said, "Listen. I need ipod speakers. I need them to play this, I need to them to charge this, and I need it to cost under 100 dollars. I don't give a shit which one it is, just find me something that fits those qualifications."

Three sets of keys later the helpful associate found me a previously display-used model that played only ipod nano, and another that was roughly half the size of my desk. I left emptyhanded; fuming. Aaaaand, commence online shopping experience for inevitably chintzy piece of crap! The moral of the story is: Circuit City sucks. And that is one lunch break I will never get back. NEVER!


JET said...

I once tried to buy computer speakers at Circuit City. They did not seem to care, I was told the power cords were still in the back for the only model they had out.

Walrus Gumboot said...

There are other "electronic" franchises in the world you know? : )

You do know that everybody hangs out at The Angry Ferrets?
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You have to register... but it's well worth the time it takes!

Come on over!

aejr said...

i have a circuit city story. that's who sold me my first laptop, a sony vaio, back in 2001 right before i moved to boston. the vaio promptly broke. i returned home to take advantage of the costly safety plan my father bought, only to find out that the bastards couldn't fix my computer. instead they said i could have a new one if i paid four hundred dollars extra. i was an mfa grad student at the time. so i shelled out the four hundred. what did that get me? oh yeah word perfect and a broken fan and a cd burner that didn't work. damn you circuit city!