Friday, December 08, 2006

Supernatural, I wish I could quit you...

Don't watch the show? New to my blog? Well if you give even the slightest crap about the rant I'm about to go off on, go here and catch up on the basic plot.

Okay. Are we all caught up? Good. Season 2 started with the brothers Winchester (and Papa "Ass Dad" Winchester) barely clinging to life after a run-in with Arch Nemesis Demon. Dean is in a life-threatening coma and to make a long story short, Ass Dad makes a deal with Arch Nemesis Demon to trade his life for Dean's. Or something. There's a cloud of mystique surrounding that part. Which actually isn't so assy because I'd rather have Dean around, what with the fantabulous hunkiness and all.

Moving on! Before Ass Dad dies, he whispers something to Dean about Sam. Who, (if you read my summary), has psychic/telekinetic powers, which we know now are somehow important to Arch Nemesis Demon. Then Assy Assface dies and all we know about the secret is that it's been giving Deano a major and increasingly tiresome bug up his ass for the past 9, (yes nine, count 'em) episodes. Oh and that he also lied about it when Sam asked if Ass Dad had any last words. Here! See it for yourself!

Mmm... Wasn't that fun? And doesn't Dean look absolutely delish in those hospital skivvies? Moving on! Again! So now, two weeks ago, we get the following promo at the end of the last episode:

Okay, if you don't want to watch that whole thing, (and if you do, I should mention that only the last 10 seconds are relevant to what I'm referring) Dean says to Sam, "Dad told me something before he died. Something about you." DUN! So I was exceptionally thrilled to watch last night's brand new episode. Except... Guess what? That scene takes place the last minute of the episode, and ENDS there!!!!! And now it's on hiatus for like, a month! DAMN YOU, KRIPKE!

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