Monday, February 12, 2007

Short haired girl.

It’s official: I’m in the club. After years of going back and forth from a Jackie-O reminiscent bob, to a bland shoulder length style... I finally took the plunge.

This marks another first for me, as I finally broke down and went to a fancy-schmancy salon. Over the years I’ve treated haircuts much in the same way a homeless cat sees a meal. I go as long as I can without one until I break down and head over to “Holiday Hair” (the metaphorical “dumpster” of salons) and get butchered. Or if I was lucky, have my talented ex-hairdresser friend cut it for me. One of the reasons I’ve always avoided short hair, alluring as the idea was, is because short hair requires a degree of maintenance. And the commitmentphobe I am knew that this would mean finding a regular, competent hairdresser, and sticking to it.

Having done some rudimentary research I decided upon a trendy local salon: Lords and Ladies. Embarrassingly stupid name aside, (which I feel compelled to pronounce Laaaahhhhhds and Ladies) I had heard good things, and the fact that they offered $25 haircut specials on Sundays pretty much sealed the deal.

One thing I don’t understand about getting your hair cut in a salon, is the ridiculous amount of styling that takes place afterwards. Nobody styles their own hair this way. They must think that we don’t feel we’re getting our moneys worth if there’s not 5 pounds of product slapped on our head.

Although this still doesn’t explain why my 20-something, reasonably hip looking stylist, after creating a reasonable facsimile of the mod pixie-cut I had printed out and brought with me (pictured above), proceeded to spray and tease my hair into a bouffant suitable only for a rousing afternoon of Bingo down at the senior center. This humiliation was compounded by having to wait for 10 minutes at the checkout counter while some cow housewife in sweatpants interrogated the receptionist about how much it would cost for her 10 year old to get highlights.

Finally I escaped the salon and hopped into the waiting vehicle where Mr. Salted was picking me up after running an errand, and gritted ”NOT... A... WORD.” through my teeth before furiously flattening the hair down with the Snoopy mini-brush handily kept in my purse.

15 minutes of grandma hair aside, overall I would have to rate my experience very satisfactory. I can’t believe it took me 29 years to get a pixie-cut, because seriously? This haircut was made for my face. What do you guys think? Yes, I’m in the club, and I do believe I’m here to stay.


Linz said...


aejr said...

i like it! but you do realize that you just let the world know your identity as a blogger, right? it was worth it for the hair!

sme said...

I HATE getting my hairs cut. I really suck at having to make polite conversation with the hairdresser - trying to explain to her that I do the absolute minimal amount of work required each morning before walking out the door. They always think it's weird that I don't use any fancy styling products or get my hair professionally dyed. I've actually blogged about how much I hate getting my hair done.
I always go to a fancy salon though, because I have short hair and SuperCuts just won't do. I don't know why hairdressers think its necessary to make you look like a poodle before you leave. Didn't teasing go out of style in the 80's?

litelysalted said...

sme- I purchased mousse that I'm actually using for the first time in my life this weekend. But when my hair was your length I never used any "product" on it, aside from some pomade I would use sparingly to smooth down frizzies in the event of special occassions.

aejr- Yah, I know... But to be fair I swaped out my blog image. People will forget.

couscouscaboose said...

It looks fabulous! Short hair is great. Not on me; but when I see it on other people who look good with it, it makes me happy.

TrannyGranny said...

I like the do, looks good on you...heh-heh that rhymed.

Needs more salt, though.

Meech! said...

I love it! You look fantastic! So few people can rock the pixie cut.