Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back... With a Vengeance!

Ok maybe not so much with the vengeance but I am back. First of all, my apologies for the lengthy absence. But let me just say I have a perfectly good excuse.

A week ago today, like every other morning, I stopped at my local non-Fartbucks Coffeehouse/ Espresso Bar for my usual. On the way back to my car, 16oz. travel mug in one hand and a box of Girl Scout Cookies and oversized change purse in the other, I stepped square onto a patch of ice and dropped like a K-Fed album. It happened so quick that I didn't even have a chance to comically flail my arms about (although I think my first instinct may have been to protect the precious, precious contents of that mug) so I landed smack on my right elbow.

After picking up myself and the contents of what I had just been carrying, I reluctantly got in the car and realized that my elbow was gushing like a geyser. So it was back to the coffeehouse where I saw that my pointy little elbow bone had torn through both my skin and cashmere sweater. The skin was more or less salvageable; the sweater on the other hand... As yet to be determined by my dry cleaner.

The coffee and cookies actually fared decidedly better. Our troops in Iraq should be so lucky to have the technology of a Max Cremas house travel mug.

At any rate, after being patched up by the fabulous "Dr. Barista", it was off to the doctor where I was sutured up, sent for X-rays, and therefore could not bend my elbow for several days; resulting in my getting behind on everything even after my partial recovery.

I'm still not fully recovered because my family doctor apparently belongs to the school of Half Assed Major Wound Suturey so the elbow will start bleeding at any given moment and I STILL haven't heard back about my X-ray results which may or may not have detected bone damage... So in the meantime it just hurts like a sonofabitch. God Bless the American Healthcare System.

Update! Photographic evidence of the carnage... Enjoy!


aejr said...

sorry to hear about your elbow dear, but i'm glad that you are able to type again. yes, we missed you! i always wondered what it was like to have a bone pop out!

I love you in the face said...

but also, sorry you're hurt and glad you're gonna be ok:)

litelysalted said...

Not to sound like a big exaggerator or anything, but the bone didn't exactly pop out. Imagine the skin of an orange that splits. That's kind of how it was, and you could peek in and see down to the bone.