Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eat dirt, pervert!

Last night Dateline NBC aired the conclusion of it's latest two part installment of To Catch a Predator; a show I have previously expressed a love affair with.*

This episode was a bit different, however. In addition to humiliating and apprehending the men who showed up at the Predator house looking to score some underage poontang, (always fun) they took it to a new level and actually tracked down the men who didn't show up.

Wow... Now this is quite the moral quandary. Obviously, it's both ethically and legally wrong to have lewd conversations online with someone whom, for all intents and purposes, you believe to be a minor. Show up at your house with a camera crew for a national news magazine show and SWAT Team, and pretty much ruin your life indefinitely wrong? At the very least, debatable. And what's more, one of these men just happened to be a prominent local Assistant District Attorney who ended up barricading himself inside his home and blowing his brains out.

Yeeeeech.... Now all of a sudden I feel kinda... dirty. That's not what I look for in guilty pleasures. I Love New York doesn't make me feel dirty. (Okay, maybe a little dirty when Mr. Boston starts up with the Booger Spelunking.) At the same time I don't know if I can stop watching. There's another new episode on next week, hopefully featuring the entertaining new male "decoy" who gets waaaay too into his role.

Quandary aside, it does make me kinda inspired to go trolling around chatrooms myself posing as a 13 year old, enticing perverts into lewd conversation only to falsely inform them that they're part of a sting operation and law enforcement is on their way as we speak.

Now that could be fun.

*A consensual, adult love affair... Naturally.


Bruce said...

Well in Texas where this one was filmed. Those chats and setting up a meeting are considerd breaking the laws.

They made that perfectly clear in the show.

I loved the overweight balding fella who was on the verge of tears

Tad said...

I have no major qualms about the show, and when I have seen it, I find it mesmerizing in a car accident sort of way (I saw a message board post recently from someone who found out that To Catch a Predator was going to set up their house in his area, so he was considering "crashing" it, and other people suggested he show up wearing a costume of the sci-fi Predator creature).

However, my one constructive criticism on this post is:
"for all intensive purposes" is a malapropism; that is, the phrase really is "for all intents and purposes".

litelysalted said...

Mistake noted and corrected.

Litelysalted would like to remind her readers that she is not a professional writer, so occasionally you may notice glaring missteps on this site.

Overall though, I think I do pretty good for someone whose entire English/writing related higher education is made up soley of a freshman level English Comp class in 1996. So... kudos, to me!

sme said...

HA. When I read "intents and purposes" I actually stopped for a second and thought, "Huh, I always thought it was intensive purposes, but that makes no sense."

Go Tad.

HV 6517 said...

dammit, was that last night? I ha a sickening adoration for that show, and I love how all the creepy perps try to put on their "I'm innocent!" face the minute they see Stone Phillips wander out like Ward Cleaver.

This shit is some must-see-tv, y'all.

Anonymous said...

still one of the most talented writers I know.


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