Thursday, March 08, 2007

She Saved The World... A Lot.

It's known in some parts that Litelysalted is a fan of all things Buffyverse. I still watch Buffy and/or Angel every morning on TNT/FX before work, alternating between which show is having the better season and flipping to avoid crappy episodes. (With my luck however, it always seems like Double or Nothing and Beer Bad are airing on the same day.)

Buffy ended it's run with the seventh season, however some fans of the show may know that an 8th season is in the works, in the form of Joss Whedon penned comic books; with the first episode issue debuting in comic shops nationwide next week. I've had mixed feelings about this. I'm not a "comic book person" and would undoubtedly be teased and tormented to no end by Mr. Salted for bringing home Buffy comics; to an even greater extent than the teasing and tormenting I endure for watching Buffy and Angel in the first place. But part of me needs to know what's going to happen to the Scoobies! The series ended so gloriously ambiguously that a comic book revival could be awesomely awesome or Joss could just fuck the whole thing up with his bloated imagination having no restrictions, as with the medium of television. (And even with television, the series wasn't totally without the occasional fuck up.)

Well, today I was sent this spoilerific wiki entry on some details of this season 8, and here are some of my random thoughts:

Buffy is not dating The Immortal as "The Girl in Question" had stated. This is in fact a ruse set up by Andrew Wells using lookalikes, and partially as a prank on Angel and Spike.
Well, the fact that this was a "ruse" is partially a relief, but still annoying that whole stupid thing on Angel had to happen in the first place... Not to mention a lame way to cancel it out. Next.

Xander leads "central command" which is in Scotland.
Hee! Xander leading "Central Command" of anything beyond maybe a Chuck E. Cheese is laughable, at best. As if it wasn't implausible enough that we've already had "Construction Site Manager" Xander. Please!

Dawn experiences "growing pains" of "ginormic [sic] proportions" as a byproduct of losing her virginity. Whedon also makes mention of a "Giant Dawn."
I sure as HELL don't like where this is going.

Anya will definitely reappear although she will not be resurrected. Whedon describes it as being "all about Anya" with a possibility of an appearance by bunnies.
ANYA is back?! With BUNNIES?! Yay!! Okay, we're getting warmer...

Riley Finn and his wife may show up but nothing is set right now as the writers of the comic are going to start with the core characters.
The only time I would ever want to see Riley Finn and his vanilla-ass wife again would be to setup for their gristly deaths. PERIOD.

The season's Big Bad is set to be a returning cast member.
Oh, please let it be D’Hoffryn, please let it be D’Hoffryn, please let it be D’Hoffryn!! How does that saying go? Hell hath no fury like a demon pimpdaddy scorned? The Scoobies took from him his best two ho's. I know I'd be pissed. Plus, D’Hoffryn? Is just awesome.

Angel and Spike will definitely be featured, but only sparingly.... Faith will appear in the second arc, written by Brian K. Vaughan.
Faith gets her own arc, with very little emphasis on Frick and Frack? THAT'S IT! Count me in! Stay tuned for my review of the first issue...


Joey O. said...

YAY! I'd read some of that already...about the Andrew stuff, and they can't use Spike & Angel too much because they're in another comic published by a different company.

Also, among "writers I trust," Brian K. Vaughn is up there with Joss and I can't wait to see what he does too.

Sadly, I'll be out of town, a lot, next week and won't get a chance to pick up the book til it'll have been out over a week. But since I *am* a comic book person, my peeps at the local store will be holding onto my copy for me...

litelysalted said...

Yeah I had read some basic premises about the Angel comics awhile back.. They sounded "Mondo Retardo" and did not interest me whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to this even though I am not really into comics all that much. I have high hopes for this so I hope they do a good job!

As for the returning cast member I m thinking it might be Giles' friend...I forget his name, he was the one that had the costume shop. That or it could still be the first evil in the form of Ms Calendar :-o

I love you in the face said...

Thank you for being patient. Prepare to be absolutely enthralled by my forthcoming commentary*

Do you know there is a myspace "How Buffy changed my life" essay contest? The winner will be written into the comic as a character. I'm not sure how long they'll get to actually be a character's still pretty cool. I thought about entering and titling my essay "Buffy and Me; Life-taker, heart-breaker, & dream-maker" but then I realized that a. spending time writing an essay like that is probably slightly unhealthy. (I mean what would I even say? "I used to stay home from social engagements in highschool because Buffy was on T.V. and now can't relate to the rest of the world unless they understand me when I say I have the wiggins?") and b. if by some chance I won, everyone would know that I am actually THAT obsessed.

Ok, about the spoilers..
1. Buffy's dating life? Bored now. Unless Spike is in the picture or she's kicking someone's ass, I think we've all had enough of her dramatic dating monologues.

2. Xander has to be the token loser of this show. That's not to say I want to see him flopped on a couch in his underpants and eating cheetos or even slowly drinking himself to death..but Central Command? Not so much. (I still adore him and his quips though. Even with the eyepatch and extra poundage)

3. I wish Dawn had bit it in the last battle...but at least we won't have to actually hear Michelle Trachtenwhine's voice anymore.

4. Anya will probably appear only in flashbacks. I wonder if Joss decided that Anya was too hard to write for after the Xander debacle? It saddens and shocks me that teenween Dawn is still breathing and sassy super demon Anya is not.

5. Nailed it.

6. If the big bad is Ethan Rain (Rane?) I'm going to be disappointed. He's too much of a silly wanker to be THE big bad. Besides he worships chaos. That's so 1994. I love D'Hoffryn and he is totally a big daddy demon pimp. Hilarious.

7. I think this particular spoiler makes sense. Except for the Faith arc. I like Faith but her bad girl leather pants 'I'm a murderous hoochie but I'm controlling myself because I'm strong like that' gets on my nerves. I think all 3 characters should be used sparingly.

* By enthralled I mostly meant shocked at my unhealthy obession with the Joss Whedon world. It scares me that I care so much about these characters. But's a good story!

I love you in the face said...
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Anonymous said...

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