Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stupid Sexy Duchovny!

As some of you may have gathered -- when David Duchovny isn't busy being sexy in movies or having sex with loose women on his new television series -- he keeps himself occupied as spokesperson for Pedigree dog food. I have mixed feelings about these commercials. Now as much as I adore David Duchovny and dogs -- one thing I don't like is being manipulated and having my emotions toyed with. See for yourself:

Exhibit A: We See Love
This is a new spot I caught this morning. Aren't dogs wonderful? They are such perfect, idyllic creatures who do everything to please us -- and nothing we do in return will ever come close to compensating for that. Unless you maybe feed them Pedigree® brand dog food. But probably not even then.

Exhibit B: We're For Dogs
Look at this! See all of the different ways dog are great? Well just so you know -- Pedigree® brand dog food wholeheartedly supports dogs and their feats of canine greatness, you human piece of scum.

Exhibit C: We're For Puppies
This is pretty much the same thing as "We're For Dogs" -- only it features puppies because nothing on this earth can tug at a heartstring the way a puppy can.

Exhibit D: Dog Adoption Drive
Okay, now if you make it through this last clip without tears welling up in your eyes -- well, my friend -- you are either made of stone or hate the animals. Which is it gonna be?

Verdict: Who am I kidding? I love these fucking commercials. Duchovny, you magnificent bastard, manipulate me all you want!


sme said...

I love his voice. It's so serene.

However, have you watched Californication yet? I saw the pilot and it was AWFUL. It had some good jokes, but . . . that's about it. Plus, DD looked like shit because he was supposed to be all washed up. I don't care about character development, dammit! I want to watch sexy Duchovny!

Anonymous said...

Hell, are you kidding about Duchovny's new series. If you only watched the pilot then you have no idea how wonderful it is. Also he looks amazing!

litelysalted said...

I saw the pilot, and I wasn't crazy about it either. But I've seen bits and pieces since, and it seems to have improved. There's less per capita boobs in the episodes following the pilot, anyway. Not that I'm a prude or anything, but it's like, okay we get it -- you bang a lot of girls already.

That's Duchovny for ya -- liberator of puppies and huge breasteses.

beth said...

Puppies!!! Whee!!! And...oh, oh no....poor sad puppies in cages...

I wonder how much they actually donate to dog shelters. Probably not nearly as much as they could/should.

sme said...

Is anonymous some kind of Showtime promoter?


Maybe I'll rent it when it comes out on DVD and see if it gets any better. Actually, there's only room to get better from what I saw of the pilot. Here's hoping.

Alex the Odd said...

I am just now discovering the sexiness of Duchovny, having never watched the X-files when we were younger my flatmates and I have just started on the entire run right from season one. Good times.

That aside, using puppies as emotional manipulation is about as low as you can go, filmwise, for me (yes, Equilibrium I'm looking at you - I was the lone voice squawking "oh for fuck's sake" in the cinema) and as a result I have hardened myself to it. I almost wish I could get gooey over puppies... it would stop at least 40% of the "heartless bitch" comments I get on a daily basis :(

litelysalted said...

You don't like puppies?

*backs away slowly*

TK said...

What kind of soulless freak doesn't like puppies?

Oh. Uh... sorry Alex.

No, wait. What is wrong with you?

Alex the Odd said...

I never said I didn't like puppies, they just don't make me go all squishy. I mean yeah it's a puppy. A baby dog. We used to have up to twenty running around our house at a given time and they're sweet and all but also annoying, muddy, begging, nipping and irritatingly yappy.

I like rubbish baby animals like horses and camels, things that are all gawky and stumbly and in possession of far too many knees.

Oh, and kittens.

Can I not be a soulless freak now please?

TK said...


We'll take it into consideration, and notify you upon final decision.

Puppy hater.

aejr said...

you see cute, honest, trustworthy animals.

i see an animal w. really sharp teeth who could just bite my arm off.

its' not my fault. it's how i was raised.

kinda like michael vick. only i don't care about dogs enough to beat them.