Sunday, March 30, 2008

Open Letter to People Who Bring Kids to Wineries:

Fuck you. No really, fuck you. Oh, and your kids are jerks.


Anonymous said...

That's odd, I wrote the same letter to people who bring their kids out in public.

People should stop breeding. For reals.

Anonymous said...

Same goes for people who bring kids to R-rated movies. Guess what? Your life changes when you procreate. Get a goddamn sitter! Fucking hell!

litelysalted said...

Right? It's like, there are few places I expect to have solace from people's asshole kids. Is that really asking so much?

Tammie said...

speaking as a parent, why would someone even want to bring their kids to a winery?

it's one of the places i expect to have solace from my own asshole kids.

im just saying.