Friday, August 11, 2006

Geraldo: Sleeps with the fishes.

Geraldo has done some pretty dumb things in his career. You've got to assume a man who has built his journalism career around a huge 70's porn moustache probably isn't "all there." There was that time when he got himself kicked out of Iraq for drawing a map in the sand of top secret military coordinates which was broadcast live on national television. Oh, and who can forget the time he made a huge spectacle of cracking Al Capone's vault, which of course, turned out to be empty and forever cemented Geraldo's status as Journalistic Laughingstock.

Here is an unexpected little bonus! Research for the two links I have provided turned up the little gem that is Geraldo's unfortunately titled autobiography.

But now Geraldo has really gone too far. He has waged a media war with people he is completely unqualified to be fighting with. I guess that's not saying much, since Geraldo would be unqualified in a battle of wits against most children, mental patients, and primates that know sign language. Good thing for him he is way too delusional to know it. Let the public berating/humiliation commence!


spankcheeks said...

That is one gigantic, fluffy moustache. I have carpet that isn't that lush.

Meechity said...

Total. Douchebag.