Friday, January 18, 2008

Kibbles and Bits

I've let you all down. At a month and a half, this is the longest I've ever let the blog sit idle. Maybe I'll make this my half assed, late to the party New Year's resolution to update at least once a week.

So here's some random things that have been going on with me in the past month and a half.

Twin Peaks
Mr. Salty is a huge David Lynch fan. Me? Not so much. His films, while visually interesting, frustrate the living shit out of me to the point where I want to hurl the remote out the window. However, since I am since I am a television fan I decided to sit down and watch "Twin Peaks" on DVD, after picking up the second season for Mr. Salty for his birthday late last year.

And you know what? I fucking loved it. We watched -- no, inhaled -- the entire series all the way through between Christmas and New Years. Between the quirky, soap-opera'ey storylines, creepy-ass mystery, fantastic characters, (Agent Cooper, Leland Palmer) retarded characters to make fun of (Stupid James and Leo) -- it was like someone took little pieces of everything I love about television and crammed it into one series. I briefly considered doing a comprehensive series review for Pajiba but ultimately couldn't collect my thoughts adequately enough. I was a little miffed about the finale, though. Although I won't get into in detail since I know at least one person out there in the process of watching the series -- I will say I understand and appreciate it, but personally didn't care for it much. Thoughts?

Attempting to get back into some kind of respectable shape as well as motivation to get my damn ass to the gym in the first place -- I started working out with a personal trainer once a week. In addition to training with him on the weekend, I also follow a circuit training schedule he developed for me on 2-3 days a week. So far it's been working out swimmingly, despite frequently missing sessions due to inclement weather, Christmas-a-palooza, and one long weekend of an ass-exploding stomach bug. I've been lifting weights and strength training for over two years now, but it's amazing the difference it makes when you, y'know, do it the right way.

The Fucking McNuggets Commercial
This commercial has been the bane of my existence for the past several weeks. It makes me dread turning on the TV at night. I guess the story goes -- and fuck you, I'm not doing research so if I have this wrong than so be it -- but I guess these two asshats uploaded this rap they invented on YouTube and now McDonalds is torturing the masses with it. So, good job on that, marketing fuckwits. I just hope the good people at Yoohoo don't ever decided to hire Tay Zonday or we're all doomed.

So that's about it, in a nutshell. And if I can't keep my promise hopefully that'll hold y'all off for awhile.


MEECH! said...

Good to see you back :D

TK said...

Damn girl, I thought you'd just abandoned this place all together.

Well it's good to-

Wait. Hold up.

You JUST RECENTLY watched Twin Peaks? JUST NOW? Dear lord, you've ONLY been missing out on one of the top ten TV shows ever. Well, I'm just glad this madness stopped before it went to far.

Welcome back. Look forward to reading more in, like, June or something.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

"I just hope the good people at Yoohoo don't ever decided to hire Tay Zonday or we're all doomed."


litelysalted said...

C'mon, tk! What do you want from me? The second season was only just released!!

TK said...

Hmph! What do I want from you? I WANT you to show Twin Peaks the respect it deserves. I WANT you to have seen it WHEN IT WAS ON TELEVISION, not 15 years later! You watch goddamn "I'm a drunken rockstar fuckbag" and "Supernatural", but you've ignored the classics.

You know, my lack of sleep and quitting smoking might be causing me to overreact. Might.

litelysalted said...

I was only 13 when it was originally on! 13! I think I probably watched like, TGIF when I was 13.

Well... I suppose I could build a time machine and go back in time and tell myself to start watching it. And also maybe I'll tell 13 year old me to stop being such a fucking nerd, while I'm at it.

onthevirg said...

Pfffft...this is what we get after nearly two months of nothing!?!

I'm so disappointed {shakes head}. I thought we'd at least get something like, "I couldn't post because of my new life as an international spy/call-girl." But Twin Peaks? Come on!

And the fact that TK highly praises the series can only be a firm stamp of its suckitude. I'm just saying.

Alex the Odd said...

Welcome back Ms Salty, don't go away and leave us again, K?

That commercial hurt my brain, I don't understand why it would make anyone want McNuggets. Why is it effective advertising? Argh, I'm so confused.

Joey said...

Tay Zonday already sold out and did a Cherry Dr. Pepper video back in November.

"This is the Web! And it's gonna murder your TV!"

Anney E. J. Ryan said...

yay! this made my day. thoughts.

1. i need to watch twin peaks.

2. i love that stacey admits to having an ass-exploding bug. note to self: be more open on blogs. it's funny.

3. those mcdonalds guys should be shot. if i end up in law school and starting the crusade against unhealthy food, i'm so going che guevara on those assholes.

Anney E. J. Ryan said...
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sme said...

You're back! Woot!

Twin Peaks is one of my most favorite TV shows and I'm so happy you've watched it and enjoyed it. I want to have 10,000 of Cooper's babies. And how awesome is Albert? So funny. I was never really satisfied with the way the show ended, especially since I'm a sap and like happy endings. But....whatever. Still love the show.

I hope you start posting more. I miss litely.

Anonymous said...

My boys LOVE that commercial. What does that say about our next generation?

Anonymous said...

Holy freaking cow, I was a total Peaks Freak during the original run of the show back when I was a freshman in high school. I read "Laura Palmer's Diary", listened to the soundtrack, and even learned to play the theme song on the piano. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

The finale was a total crap-out ending to a great television show. In fact, during the middle of the second season the show really started to decline.

Now whatever you do, don't watch the movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" after consuming nearly a pitcher of cough medicines. David Lynch and recreation use of over the counter medication just do NOT mix.

litelysalted said...

Ooooh, Manda, I have Fire Walk with Me at home right now, but I haven't been able to get the bf to sit and watch with me yet? Is it good? Disappointing? Freaky as hell, I'm assuming!

Also? I weep for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

Fire Walk With Me is utter and complete weirdness.

Smush "Muholland Drive" and "Lost Highway" together, and then you'll have the Twin Peaks movie.

Chris Isaak is in it for like 20 seconds (MUCH too brief). Lara Flynn Boyle apparently had something better to do so she's replaced with Moira Kelly.

But before you watch it, avoid any narcotics; it's pretty slow.

Manny said...

About.TIME! Sheeeesh. Anyway, I was starting to think you had gottne mauled by a bear or something, but then I read the Breaking Bad review and realized you must have come down with some kind of Emo brain fever. I'm also on the fence as to whether or not I should wear my Luchador mask all weekend. Any thoughts?

Dianne said...

That McNuggets video is, I think, the most brain-numbingly idiotic, badly done piece of crap commercial I have ever seen. I lunge for the remote when it comes on.